Are ants biting your children, ruining your lawn and making it a hassle to enjoy your yard?

Or are they hanging out around your food inside your home?

The National Pest Management Association reports that ants are the most common and worrisome pests for US homeowners. In South Carolina, ants, and fire ants in particular, can make your outside family time unbearable.

Step One: Ant Inspection Services

During the summer months in South Carolina, ants hunt for crumbs and any food or water they may be able to find in and outside of your home. Fire ants, and other types of ants, may sting or bite; while carpenter ants may attack and damage your home directly. In South Carolina the most common ants are the acrobat, argentine, odorous house and red fire ants. Without ant pest control services, each of these type of ants find different ways to damage your home, yard and food source.

Having Home Pest Control perform an ant inspection of your home and yard is the first step to gaining control over an ant infestation, and regain your freedom to move around your home and yard at ease.

Step Two: Ant Exterminator Services

No matter what species of ant may threaten you, your family, your home and your yard, Home Pest Control and our ant extermination service will help you in “Protecting What Matters”.

Professional ant pest control and ant exterminator service from Home Pest starts with searching for where ants enter your home as they look for food. We’ll then find where the ant colony has taken hold, and nested. This could be inside walls, under your foundation, or in the yard in grass, dirt or stumps. Then our ant extermination services will give you back the control and freedom you need in your home.

Call us, or Contact Us today to get started.

Step Three: Ant Infestation Prevention

Home Pest Control extermination services will help prevent ants from coming back, but preventing ant infestation starts with you. Here are some tips, that along with Home Pest Control’s Ant Pest Control services, can help you keep ants from invading your home:

  • Cleaning up crumbs and spills right away
  • Making sure garbage bags are sealed and kept away from the home
  • Keeping food packages closed after opening
  • Repairing any holes or gaps in window and door screens
  • Eliminating any standing water and excessive moisture around the foundation of your home
  • Calling Home Pest Control Company at the first sign of infestation

While ants may be small, they make up for their size in numbers! The best way to treat ants is to prevent them from getting established in the first place.